Notes for - Not Known MacCormick ca.1841.

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???? MacCormick was the seventh child of Angus MacCormick and Ann Beaton. She/he was born in 1841 and was ten days old when the Census was taken ( S.Z.+ I.K. via C.M.).

Records / Sources

1841 Census


Angus McCormick, age 35, Agricultural Labourer, born Argyllshire.
Anne McCormick, age 35, born Argyllshire.
Mary McCormick, age 12, born Argllshire.
John McCormick, age 11, born Argyllshire.
Sarah McCormick, age 9, born Argyllshire.
Dugald McCormick, age 7, born Argyllshire.
John McCormick, age 5, born Argyllshire.
Anne McCormick, age 3, born Argyllshire.