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Donald MacCormick was born ca.1730-40, and he lived at Saorphin ( From his childrens listing in Censuses and their SDRs).

Donald was married twice, 1st to Marrion (Sarah) Campbell, and 2nd to Jessie (Janet) McDougald (McLucais). ( I arrived at this conclusion for the following reasons : -

John Clark signed the SDRs of both Mary 1783, and Marrion 1795. He signed Marrion's as her son, and Mary's as her nephew. His relationship to Mary, as stated on her SDR, can only have been true if Mary and Marrion were sisters or half sisters. We know from the SDRs that they did not have the same mother, so they must have had the same father. Both SDRs list a Donald MacCormick as the father, so logic dictates that it is the same person, and that Mary and Marrion were indeed half sisters).

Records / Sources

Daughter Mary MacCormick's Death Record

Daughter Marrion MacCormick's Death Record